Please be a part of the revolution for change through the power of friendships:

My goal is to start by having 1,000 testimonies that convey that friendships have changed lives and the world for the better.

After reading my book or any parts within please write down how it has changed your life for the better and or the world.

Also please write down any experiences you or others have had that convey the power of friendships.

The stories you share can be brief or long. We are excited to hear them all. I will post the first:

“Yesterday after work was a challenging day for me. I came straight home and went straight on a run around town. As I was running I became angry and ran faster and faster. The exercise helped some, though after I was still off. I know that the failed attempt to get pregnant yet again from several days ago was finally sinking in. I was upset with my body for not yet allowing me what I have been trying to obtain for over two years now. After my run I recieved a call from my childhood friend. I kind of reluctantly answered the phone as I did not want my energy to transfer over to her. My “Hi Lani” was answered with the most excited, sincere, happy, loud, “Renee!”. At that moment life became better. I felt a warmth in my heart and big smile spread across my face. A simple, genuine hello from a dear friend lifted my spirits and brought me back to the simple pleasures in life; a hello from a friend. That experience changed my life for the day and allowed me to be in a happier mood for the rest of the day. That is one of many examples of how friendships change lives and the world”.