Do you want to be part of the evolution for a better world through friendships? One way you can do this is be a contributor to The Friendship Effect.

Where will your money go?

I am currently creating a children’s book series on friendships. I will begin writing the books for pre school age children all the way until high school. The books will be standards based and bilingual, in english, spanish and eventually in Hawaiian. Teachable lessons will accompany the books. After writing my book “The Friendship Effect” I have realized that to make a profound effect in the world I have to begin where friendship issues arise; in the early stages of life. There also will be a parent component that will accompany the series throughout all grade levels. Children model those they are around most, which typically are their parents and or main caregivers. For this friendship book series to really be effective parents need to also be knowledgable and carry out to the best of their abilities appropriate friendship skills.

This project will take much time, research, and funding.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in donating towards this cause, you can share this page and/or donate via the PayPal button below. I really believe this series can help be part of an answer to bigger issues in our world, such as: school shootings, intense bullying and harassment. If we can nip this in the bud early and teach young children to grow up treating others with respect, non judgment and kindness we really can make a difference.

Thank you for all of your help:)