Renee Ho is passionate about changing the world by helping others be happier and do what they love through the power of friendships. Her mission is to spread the message within her book, “The Friendship Effect” which is: how to be a true friend to one self, then how to be, create and maintain genuine friendships with others, which inevitably contributes to making the world a more unified and happier place.

Renee was born and raised in Northern California. She lived and went to school in Wyoming for five years where she was a division one soccer player for the University of Wyoming. Renee got a dual major in regular and special education. She learned Spanish while teaching at public and private schools in Costa Rica and Guatemala.

In her two years living in Maui, Renee taught at a public school as the kindergarten and severe and profound special education teacher. She also taught for two years at a non-profit autism school while living in Georgia. In this time she was the early intervention teacher, lead teacher and school director. She then taught at an autism and behavior specialty school in California for two years as a middle school teacher.

In Renee’s spare time she enjoys exercising, writing, traveling and spending time with her husband, daughters, family and friends. Renee believes and teaches that friendship with oneself and others is a powerful tool which can help be a part of bettering our world.