In theme of International Friendship month I have fundraised (donors listed below) over $200 to get 40 of my recently published “The Friendship Effect” books to give to Casa Grande High School’s Human Interaction classes.

Since then I have met with one of the wonderful Human Interaction teacher’s Lynne Moquete. We have come up with a great lesson plan for her students based on my book.

I also have recently learned about a local hero, Petaluma Batman and his good deeds. I thought that he was the epitome of a great friend and decided it would be wonderful to partner up and do a good deed for Friendship month.

Petaluma Batman was more than happy to be of help and support my book’s cause: to help people and the world through the power of friendships.

This Monday the 11th Petaluma Batman and I will be in Mrs. Moquete’s first period class giving out my books and teaching our lesson. Petaluma Batman needs to attend to other business after the first class. I and Mrs. Moquete will be at Casa the remainder of the day teaching her final two classes and handing out the remainder of the books.

The student’s will learn about the two parts of my book. Part one, how to first be a true friend to yourself. Part two, how to be, create and maintain long lasting genuine friendships in today’s fast pace world. They will then begin to think about what it is they love and or think is really cool about themselves. This is a key part to being a good friend because once they know what it is they love about themselves they can act authentically to themselves and can show others the real them, which will attract more friends to them.

They will then learn about what judging is: examples of it, how it feels and how to refrain from judging others and the importance of that in friendships.

They will partner up with a uncommon partner and through prompt questions will get to know who their partner is behind their physical appearance and what they think they know about them. This exercise will allow the partners to find out how unique and special their partner is while eliminating previous judgments.

I am very excited to be teaching and spreading the importance and power of friendships to students at Casa Grande High School. High School is a time where many students are judged, feel alone and are without friends. My hope is to help these students and those also who already have friends to be better friends and to maintain their friendships.

I will write another blog after the day of teaching to relay how it all went.

I want to thank again the following people for their very generous monetary donations for making this event a reality: Lindsey Wert, Kelly Harness, Emelina Minero, Iris Dolowitz Tarou, John Holme, Wise Social Therapy, Angela Bruno, Julie Morely, Ben Parodi, Meghan Cremidis and Charlene Cunningham. THANK YOU:)