For the last couple weeks I have been in contact with Amista Vineyards Tasting Room Manager, Larri Ann Davis to partner up in spreading my and Amista Vineyard’s joint passion: friendships. Amista translates as “it makes friends” which is exactly what Amista Vineyards does to every person who walks through their door.

Today I was able to visit Amista Vineyards for the first time and as I was turning into their lot their sign instantly caught my attention; which has their name on it: Amista Vineyards then a semi circle connecting their name, which I later found out represented unity.

When I walked through the door of Amista I instantly felt great energy. The ambiance was cozy, relaxing and still was able to be fashionable in it’s colors, furniture and art work. There were fresh flowers around which made Amista feel alive.

I only saw one guy who I assumed was Patrick who I spoke with on the phone before I came and he accepted my hug with comfort as we were already friends. I then saw a lady walk out into the Tasting Room who I assumed was Larri Ann and she also was very receptive to my hug and had such a welcoming, sincere smile.

Larri Ann then proceeded to compliment my book that I had sent her earlier and said that her and the owner of Amista felt that we all were on the same page in regards to the importance and power of friendships. I loved when Larri Ann told me that one of Amista’s goals was to have everyone who walked in feel like they were at home: comfortable and welcome. That is exactly how I felt.

I am excited to share that Amista Vineyards and I will be partnering up Saturday February 16th, 2013. They will be pairing their Sparkling Syrah with chocolate dipped strawberries in theme of Valentine’s day weekend. This pairing will begin the 14th and end the 17th, from 11-4:30pm.

I will be partaking on the Saturday the 16th from 1-4:30pm. I will be doing a meet and greet/book signing where my book will be available to purchase.

I am really excited for the beginning of a great partnership and friendship with Amista Vineyards.

We would love to have more friends join us: please come and have some great Sparkling Syrah, chocolate dipped strawberries and learn about the power of friendships and how they can better the lives of people and the world through my book, “The Friendship Effect.”

For more information on “The Friendship Effect” please check out the website below:

For more information about Amista Vineyards please check out their website below:

Hope to see you all on Saturday, February 16th from 1-4:30pm:)